Ming's Choice Aug 2008

Ming's Choice 明明是好戲     2008年8月
日期:2008年8月17日星期日   下午2時至5時
《聖院鐘聲》(The Bells of St. Mary's)
Dir: Leo McCarey
USA      1945       126mins     black and white
English with English subtitles

Leo McCarey是較受忽略的美國導演,他拍電影多、開始得早,也有擲地有聲的佳作,《The Bells of St. Mary's》便是其一。尚雷諾亞曾說:「在荷里活,沒有導演比McCarey更明白『人』。」《The Bells》請來兩位大明星演出,冰歌羅士比(Bing Crosby)及英格烈褒曼(Ingrid Bergman),分演神父及修女。影片中,歌士比及褒曼的角色性格不同、處事風格也有差異,但都為了同一目標努力,設法保留他們的St. Mary's學校--面對土地發展的需要,St Mary's面臨被「殺校」的危機。賓歌士比繼續前作《Going My Way》宅心仁厚的神父角色,並不忘展露歌喉。英格烈褒曼在《北菲諜影》及《戰地鐘聲》後如日中天,在這裡飾演對教育工作孜孜不倦的艷尼。導演Leo McCarey的天主教徒身份,對二次大戰的苦難感受特深,戰後他拍成的《The Bells of St. Mary's》,對人性及人的尊嚴有獨到寫照。影片流露絲絲入扣的愛與關懷,看得人愜意又心暖。


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匿名 說...

The Bells of St.Mary's is not the best film by Leo McCarey,you should screen either The Awful Truth or An
Affair to Remember金玉盟,both of them
have Region 1 DVD.LM is good at
directing melodrama and comedy in old Hollywood studio system,but he lacks a distinct personal style,so he is not high on the auteurist critical list.Recently LM is being rediscovered by film
scholars such as Robin Wood,you can check it out on the web.An Affair
To Remember is a classic,many older
generation of moviegoers in HK can
still remember the film,which is remade recently by Warren Beatty.
By the way,the HK Chinese translation of Bing Crosby is 冰哥羅士比.

Alice 說...


Shu Kei 說...

It's always arguable when it comes to name which is the BEST film of a master filmmaker. (For example, some critics held the opinion that the old version of AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER is more superior to the remake!) THE BELLS Of ST. MARY'S, itself a sequel to GOING MY WAY, may not be McCarey's best film, but is definitely a good one to introduce to beginners or to those who are not familiar with McCarey. So, just relax...
Shu Kei.

Ka Ming 說...


shangri_la 說...

I would agree that "The Bells of St. Mary's" isn't the most interesting movie of Leo McCarey. However, his "An Affair To Remember" was only remembered mostly as another glossy soap of the 50s like Douglas Sirk's, except less well-made. In fact, "An Affair To Remember" is considered an inferior remade to "Love Affair", directed by McCarey himself eighteen years earlier.

One lost gem of McCarey is "Make Way for Tomorrow", released the same year as his better remembered "The Awful Truth". In fact when McCarey won the Oscar for "The Awful Truth", he had said that the wrong movie has won him the award. "Make Way for Tomorrow" is very hard to find these days but I was lucky to catch it on a theatre and I'm afraid I would agree with McCarey also. Rumour has it that Criterion will release it on DVD next year. If that is true I would strongly recommend you to check it out