重看了一次《Juno》,愛死了這個電影及Ellen Page!

我們別老是看美國青春片的teenage人細鬼大,過份世故及犬儒。你看Juno在電影中只是16歲(雖Page已20),但當她向父母交代有了身孕的事情,父親Mac MacGuff在幾句不太激動的查問後,最後說了一句很窩心的話,示範了父母如何跟兒女相處。我們的小孩永遠是小孩,人家的小孩很早就得到像成年人的尊重。

父說:I thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when.

Juno才16歲,被父親當成人看待,她無論作甚麼事情,都應該自行負責及知道分寸。Mac甚至沒有像繼母一樣,訝異於Juno的「sexually active」,只是質疑「我仲以為你係個知道分寸既女仔黎既」。劇本把一對liberal及疼愛兒女的父母寫得好,靚女編劇Diablo Cody自功不可沒;但演父親Mac的J.K.Simmons說這句對白時,那副沒好氣的眼神、半提問半質疑的語氣,令人對這個「蜘蛛俠」報館老總另眼相看。專業的演員就是這樣,要典型可以很典型,在別的演出卻很有層次。
不可不提Juno的回答:I don't know what kind of girl I am.《Juno》中她有太多精警的對白,很會自嘲,不是高高在上的世故老人精。


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個人覺得,ellen page在hard candy的演出還要精彩

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sorry, 因為沒有留言板,只好在這兒留言,希望別介意~

'They were right after all. Cineworld made money with a film, they didn't make a film with money. And now they're on top of the mountain, like the Clowns. I think that's a pretty decent lesson to learn... '

-- X @Twitch Film (July 23, 2006)

if interested....

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may i share an article also ?

“Movie my love” –
Lee jun ki viewed "Cinema Paradiso"

Jackie Chan’s facile and forthright action, those out of imaginative plot and images from “Star Movie” series, those classical acting of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino from “God Father” series….

During adolescent times, movie is the good helper for the children to stretch out their boundless imaginative wings. With limited pocket money, I can’t go to cinema very often, but for me, theatre still looks like a sanctuary. After watching a movie with peers in theatre, on the same day, we would mimic the action and play’ s lines of favorite actors overnight, feeling exciting. Or after reading a comic or those like nowadays comic, I would even try to write a rough script.

The film I would watch again, “Cinema Paradiso”(1988) is the must. Alfredo, the projectionist, and Toto, the little boy. Not to mention the sense of intimacy I have towards them, and how much I envy them. The last scene, in particular, Toto becoming a film director shed tears alone while watching the edited lovers’ kiss scenes. This made my heart suffocated.

Until now, I cannot forget that touching feeling. Those memories, encounters, or many affairs, which tied the knot with movie during adolescent, I can’t remember clearly already. However, the in depth feeling still stays with “Cinema Paradiso”. As times goes by, it won’t be forgotten.

Just talking around one movie is a bit hard, by simply speaking. Therefore, I’ve watched many movies since my early age, even now. Movie becomes one of my living elements. It can make the life, which is easily turned into boring carelessly, become energetic. It can let us experience various kinds of lives, let us stretch our wings of imagination …...Until now, movies still make me feel the magic. It can let the audiences listen to my inner voice through the works I ‘ve acted. To feel my emotion together, what an exciting experience! I am expecting the day I meet the person is just like Alfredo.

Movie actor, Lee jun ki

translated by me based on the chinese version by 準行天下的之之+ online translation machines + my limited korean knowledge ~

[영화 내 사랑]
이준기가 본 ‘시네마 천국’

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最難得係照超聲波時被"超聲波人員"出言譏諷, Juno繼母Bren兩三下手勢窒到對方冇聲出.其實Bren同Juno都有條暗線, 話做人繼母甚艱難 (但好好心機幫Juno車孕婦牛仔褲), Juno唔妥Bren就嘔壞佢個花樽...

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刻意討好觀眾的政治正确電影~ 令人討厭~

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刻意討好觀眾的政治正确電影~ 令人討厭~

p.s. 雖然童顏女角很吸引麻甩佬...

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冇野呀你 JUNO邊忽政治正確呀?~!!